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Sex Positive Sketchbook

Sex Positive Sketchbook was a personal illustration project to promote self-healing through parenting my inner kid. In January 2019 I started a new Instagram account and began publishing all the advice that I wish my 13-year-old self had been given about sex. Each piece has its own original drawing.

While this is no longer the name of my instagram account, you can follow me here:

Touch doesn’t have to lead to sex. There are so many ways we can share intimacy with another, and they don’t all involve sex. Touch can be such a healing thing to share, from holding hands to cuddling to massage, and recognising a desire for touch with another doesn’t mean it has to become anything else. You can ask for exactly what you want, knowing that the asking doesn’t mean you’re obligated to let it become anything further. Distinguishing between touch and sex in this way allows us to begin to enjoy all the beautiful ways that we can connect with our friends, partners, and lovers, with strong boundaries and deeper intimacy.

Could your sex positive business benefit from some new branding or custom artwork? I’m available for client work – click here to view some recent projects.