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And since we may not know one another yet, here are some words from followers and people who I’ve worked with in my one-to-one coaching practice, to reassure you that my approach works:

Hannah has helped me gain invaluable insights into myself as well as provided me with tools to keep connecting to, and to keep exploring how I feel, what I need, how I communicate, how I perceive myself and those around me and, most importantly, how to recognize my boundaries and better communicate them to those around me. I am really excited to see where this journey takes me from here.


I feel obliged to say that you have my total respect. I know that you do not expect words of followers to know where you’re at, but sometimes, even that kind of recognition may be a small boost. Thank you for all the stuff that you post and for moments that have helped me find words about this I feel and need.

To say that Hannah has been instrumental in my personal growth is an understatement. I decided to approach her for coaching because I was struggling with connecting sexually and emotionally with my long term partner of over 20 years. Her coaching style is gentle, supportive, sex-positive, and completely non-judgmental. I came away with a number of tools to help me identify triggers and manage my past trauma through a lens of self-compassion. I learned ways of coming back into my body and uncovered many truths about myself that had remained ignored for a long time due to shame, and I feel as though I am now on a path of possibilities.


Your posts helped me to understand things better, to accept myself as I am, you made me think about what I really like and what not, to feel more self-confident about these great parts of my body and also about how to treat others.

If you’d like to begin shifting patterns of accommodating and resentment in your relationships, enter your email address below and my free Speak Your Truth mini course will appear in your inbox in the next few minutes. As if by magic!

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