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Low-cost counselling for queer & LGBT+ folks in Brighton and online

Queer & LGBT+ Counselling

Finding the right therapist can be tricky at the best of times, let alone when you know you want to work with someone who understands and affirms queer and LGBT+ identities. As a queer trainee therapist, I am currently offering reduced cost in-person sessions in the Brighton and Hove area, as part of the New Road Psychotherapy Centre’s low-cost service.

Let me tell you a bit more about that, so you can see if it feels like it could be a good fit.

How I work in my queer & lgbt+ counselling practice

To me, therapy is all about the relationship we form. I believe that we all have our own inner wisdom which can guide us – even if we need some help getting in touch with it. I work in a way which prioritises creating a relationship that feels safe enough for you to experiment with allowing more of yourself to be met, known, and responded to, so that together we can explore whatever challenges you want to bring to therapy.

Our sessions might include talking about the past as well as the present, and how early experiences might be affecting you now. We might use imaginative techniques and guided imagery to connect with themes in a more immediate way, or use embodiment practices to process through the body rather than the mind.

My aim is to work in ways that work best for you, at the pace that feels right for you. While we may make detours along the way, I will always be paying close attention to what it is you’re wanting from therapy so we’re working towards the changes that you’re wanting to see.

I am currently in my final year of training in the Psychosynthesis model at the Psychosynthesis Trust in London. I’m a student member of the BACP and am working towards becoming an accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor by the UKCP.

How much are counselling sessions?

Sessions are £25, payable in advance by bank transfer.

My identities as a queer, LGBT+ counsellor

I am queer, genderfluid, and sex positive. I have many years’ experience in LGBTQIA+ communities, and of alternative relationship styles such as polyamory. These experiences of feeling different and finding belonging, and rewriting conventional cultural scripts, inform the way I work.

Polyamory and ethical non-monogamy affirming counselling

I have been practicing ethical non-monogamy for many years and in various forms, as well as being part of communities with others who are exploring varied ways of structuring their relationships.

If you’re questioning monogamy, or actively practicing an alternative, and would like to talk about your relationships in therapy, it can be so important to work with someone who understands how these dynamics can work and holds the view that non-monogamy can be a joyful, loving, and positive experience.

My counselling availability

I currently have availability for in-person sessions in Hove on Thursday afternoons, and occasional online sessions at other times. This does fluctuate, so I recommend getting in touch with me first to check which session times I have available before applying to the clinic for sessions.

How to work with me

If you’re interested to start working with me, I recommend dropping me an email first to check my availability. If I have a time that works for you, then the next step is to apply for low-cost sessions with the New Road Psychotherapy Centre. You’ll be taken through an intake process with them, where you’ll be able to say that you’d like to be referred on to me. After an intake with one of the team, if it feels like a good fit your details will be passed on to me and we’ll arrange our first session.

Queer & LGBT+ therapy resources

Here are some links to other services and resources:

Pinktherapy.com – a nationwide directory of therapists who specialise in working with people across many different expressions of gender, sexuality, and relationship style.

Mindout.org – a Brighton-based charity offering low-cost counselling services to LGBT+ folks.