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To say that Hannah has been instrumental in my personal growth is an understatement. I decided to approach her for coaching because I was struggling with connecting sexually and emotionally with my long term partner of over 20 years. Throughout our sessions, Hannah and I explored my past trauma and how it has informed my views of myself and, by extension, my relationships. Her coaching style is gentle, supportive, sex-positive, and completely non-judgmental. I came away with a number of tools to help me identify triggers and manage my past trauma through a lens of self-compassion. Hannah offered me a safe space where I could be completely vulnerable as I explored my past, while teaching me to recognize the various parts of myself that have resulted from it.  I learned ways of coming back into my body and uncovered many truths about myself that had remained ignored for a long time due to shame. I was sad that our sessions ended, but I feel as though I am now on a path of possibilities.