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Free Download: My Top Ten Simple, Embodied Tools to Regulate and Reconnect (PDF)

Feeling disconnected during sex often happens when you’re already feeling anxious or uncomfortable. Learning to regulate those feelings rather than trying to push through them is a really important skill to learn, because this is how you stay connected with your own body.

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Learn to work with your body – rather than against it.

Trying to push through anxiety might look like trying to ‘perform’ sex in a certain way, have the kind of sex you think you should be having, or totally checking out and just going through the motions.

None of these strategies actually address what’s going on underneath: the deep, tender fears that show up when you allow someone close.

Instead of pushing anxieties away and wishing they weren’t there, by learning to gently turn towards them and work with them we can transform those vulnerable places into deeper connection, love, and presence. 

I’ve put together ten simple tools you can use to work with anxiety, in a really embodied way, and create more connection – in any context, not only in the bedroom.

I hope you find them as helpful as I do.

Innside this colourful, illustrated PDF are ten practical, simple tools you can use to work with vulnerable moments in an embodied way, so you can stay connected with yourself and the other person – without disappearing into your head.

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