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Free Download: My Top Ten Simple, Embodied Tools to Regulate Yourself and Create Connection (PDF)

Whenever you’re sharing vulnerably with others, and holding space for their experiences, having some easy methods to regulate your nervous system can be so helpful.

Drop your email address here to grab my colourful, illustrated guide with top ten simple tools for doing just that, and learn to transform vulnerable moments into deeper presence and connection:

Learn to be more present – with yourself and with others.

A lack of presence might look like thinking about what you’re going to say next, instead of actually listening to the other person. Or getting stuck in your head worrying about whether you’ve said the ‘right’ thing, and what the other person thinks of you. Or second-guessing and censoring yourself, finding it impossible to say the thing that’s really important.

The thing that all of these have in common is that you’re caught up in thinking about what’s happening, instead of noticing what’s actually happening.

This is the difference between disconnection and presence!

Often, the ways we disconnect are fuelled by anxiety about how you’ll be received by the people around you – are you liked? Do you belong? Will you upset someone?

Instead of pushing the anxiety away and wishing it weren’t there, by learning to gently turn towards it and work with it we can transform those vulnerable places into deeper connection, love, and presence. 

I’ve put together ten simple tools you can use to work with anxiety and create more connection.

I hope you find them as helpful as I do.

Innside this colourful, illustrated PDF are ten practical, simple tools you can use to come back to your centre, so that you can connect with others from a more grounded place.

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