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Free Download: My Top Ten Embodied Tools for Reconnection (PDF)

Codependency is a symptom of disconnection. Learning to reconnect with yourself and the other person, in an embodied way, is a really important skill to learn to shift into a healthier, more authentic relationship.

Drop your email address here and I’ll send over a colourful, illustrated PDF with my top ten tools you can use to do just that, transforming vulnerable moments into deeper presence and connection:

Learn to shift out of codependency by reconnecting with yourself.

Codependency is fuelled by a lack of connection – both with yourself and your needs, and with who the other person truly is.

All the positions in the drama triangle have one thing in common: whichever role you’re in, you’re unconsciously and anxiously trying to get your needs met.

The first step to breaking out of the pattern is to gently start to come back to yourself, notice how you’re really feeling and what you’re really needing, and learn to hold yourself with compassion.

This includes recognising the anxieties that show up for you in your relationships, gently turning towards it, and working with it. In this way you can transform those vulnerable places into deeper connection, love, and presence. 

I’ve put together ten simple tools you can use in your relationships to work with anxiety and create more connection – to yourself and the people around you.

I hope you find them as helpful as I do.

Innside this colourful, illustrated PDF are ten practical, simple tools you can use to come back to your centre, so that you can connect with others from a more grounded place.

Fill out your details below and I’ll send it over to you.