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Speak Your Truth – Monthly Membership


A monthly subscription to the Speak Your Truth community, for folks who want to be able to say what’s really on their minds without self-doubt.



Do you struggle to speak your mind without the self-doubt?

Are you a woman who…

  • Stumbles over your words and feels silly whenever you want to ask for something?
  • Hears those nagging voices of self-doubt whenever you try to share your true feelings?
  • Finds it impossible to believe that anyone will take you seriously if you say what’s really on your mind?

If so… I have something for you.

The Speak Your Truth Membership is for women who want to feel more secure in themselves, and more confident to speak up without the anxiety and self-doubt.

In this membership, you will:

  • Join an intentional community who are exploring similar challenges to you
  • Learn tools and practices to help with moments of anxiety and overwhelm
  • Learn daily practices to help you connect more deeply with what you really want
  • Receive one-to-one text support from me – ask me anything, any time, receive reassurance or recommendations for further resources
  • Benefit from weekly Q&As where I’ll answer the group’s questions
  • Receive guided meditations to help you learn more about yourself
  • Have my help in wording difficult conversations – without causing conflict or seeming aggressive
  • Learn how to start coming safely back into your body
  • Learn frameworks you can use for speaking with authenticity and kindness
  • Learn to regulate your own emotional states with more flexibility
  • Be guided to the emotional root of difficulties with speaking up

The Speak Your Truth Course

Along with a community space, you’ll have access to the 8 week Speak Your Truth course. This course is divided into four chapters, guiding you through a process to help you feel more confident in speaking up. While you can go at your own pace, I recommend spending around a fortnight on each chapter before moving on, giving yourself plenty of time to really absorb and integrate.

As soon as you sign up you’ll receive a welcome email with details for accessing the course, the group space, as well as how to message me directly any time you need some support.


Course materials: $269
One-to-one text support: $129/month
Membership to community space: $99/month

Total: $497

Sign up today to become a founding member for only $99/month.