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Speak Your Truth Full Course: Discount Offer

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This is a self-paced course which includes a beautiful 60-page PDF workbook full of exercises and practices, audio files which explain the key learnings, and guided meditations.

In this course you will…

  • Identify when you use using indirect language that disguises what you really want
  • Practice speaking more directly without aggression or blaming
  • Connect with your true desires, feelings and fears in a gentle, safe way through guided visualisations
  • Practice creating safety in yourself, to better manage moments of fear
  • Identify the core fears that drive your behaviour and decisions
  • Build a stronger sense of self that allows you to feel more confident in speaking up
  • Create your own resource toolbox to support you in moments of overwhelm or anxiety
  • Understand more deeply where your fears come from and why they show up
  • Learn how to feel what you want in your body, before the mind gets in the way
  • Practice acting from your what your body wants, rather than what your mind says
  • Learn how to voice needs and requests in a non-violent way
  • Practice conscious, embodied touch and decision making
  • Discover the gifts that core fears bring to your personality

The course is divided into four chapters, based on the Psychosexual Somatics Therapy model and combined with Authentic Relating and Non-Violent Communication approaches:

  • Finding safety: you’ll find resources you can use to create a baseline of safety within yourself, from which to explore more challenging places
  • Exploring your fears: you’ll get in touch with some of the fears that show up for you in those moments when you stop yourself from speaking up, so that you can understand your needs better and how to meet them
  • Coming back to your body: you’ll explore practices to learn how to feel more of yourself, so that it becomes easier to identify what it is you really want – in a deeper, more embodied way
  • Finding the words: you’ll begin to learn how to be more direct in your language, without being aggressive or rude, so that you can ask for what you need without conflict or blame

Each chapter includes audio teaching content, a guided visualisation, exercises and practices, journaling prompts, and ideas for further reflection. It’s designed to fit into your daily routine without having to dedicate many hours to watching videos or meditating!

While you can go at your own pace, I recommend spending around a fortnight on each chapter before moving on, giving yourself plenty of time to really absorb and integrate.

This course is designed to be done in small, doable ways: each meditation, exercise, and practice can be done in under half an hour (and many take much less time than this); the focus is on building daily habits that will support you in understanding yourself better and feeling more confident in speaking your truth.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who have noticed patterns of resentment, frustration, and disappointment in their relationships from lack of reciprocity.

It’s for people who often feel afraid to speak up out of fear of rejection, abandonment, or belittlement.

It’s for people who don’t have time to dedicate to hours of video content – but who are ready to commit to a few minutes every day to connecting with themselves and understanding themselves more deeply.

It’s for people who are feeling ready to explore the blocks, fears, and habits that keep them from speaking up, and who are ready to begin shifting some patterns.

(And an important note: this course is for people in otherwise healthy relationships, where these fears are not actually coming true. if there are signs of physical or emotional abuse in your relationship, please seek support and keep yourself as safe as possible.)

“I’m so glad I enrolled. I was in situation where I really needed that guidance to help me set my boundaries as they were stepped on, when I was allowing it to happen. I’ve seen amazing growth and managed to speak out for myself in intimate situations that I wouldn’t have before.” – Anonymous

“I’m working my way through the Speak Your Truth course and getting a lot out of it, thank you so much for offering this. I feel I’ve learned more in the past week or so than I have in years of trawling Google trying to work out what was ‘wrong’ with me!” – Amy

“The content is really well organised and clearly delivered. I feel like I fully understand what you are teaching me. Your gentle, compassionate manner supports me in the self reflection needed to make the changes I desire. What I love the most is how you offer simple daily practices to introduce these ideas into my everyday experience. I want to see real change in my thoughts and actions so this final piece of the puzzle, which is so often missing, is gold dust for me! I know that if I practise what you suggest then good things will happen…. (they already are 😉)” – Paula